A new analysis from the dating site, PlentyOfFish, has shown that the type of words you use in your dating profile may have an effect on how successful your dates or relationships turn out to be.

PhD scientists reviewed the words of 1.2 million users on PlentyOfFish, which claims it has the most dates, relationships, and visits than “any other online dating site.” They found that people who were most likely to find love actually used that very word more often in their profiles. “Love,” “friend,” “music,” “time” and “life” were all used frequently by people who ended up with successful dates or lovers.

If you’re a male, you’re more likely to snag some successful dates or a relationship if you use words that hint at commitment or interest in long-term relationships. “Heart,” “children,” “relationship” and “romantic” are all words that pepper the profiles of successful users.

However, women who write words like “dinner,” “travel,” “shop” are less likely to find solid dates; likewise, men who express interest in short-term flings, using words like “hang,” have a lesser chance for success, the scientists say.

Techlicious points out more data from OKCupid and Match.com that showed that men had higher success rates if they used words like: surfing, surf, yoga, skiing, the ocean, oceans, live music, breakfast, passports, blue eyes, trees, mornings, athlete, retirement, London, mating, teeth, workaholic, attractiveness, confidence, nonfiction, weddings, hiking, on the beach, meditation, chocolate, kissing, tennis, photography, flying, puppies, teachers, passion and tattoos.

And for women, words associated with popular profiles were: London, NYC, yoga, surfing, athlete, fitness, fashion, Pulp Fiction, mediatitons, models, laziness, work out, Radiohead, Homeland, New York, driven, holidays, lucky, physics, creativity, sushi, awareness, passion, Europe, philosophy, the ocean, wasted, The Office, foodies, Charmed, hiking, acting and Archer.

But don't copy and paste these words directly into your profile just to become more "popular." What's important is simply being yourself, while paying more attention to the kind of words and phrases you use to describe yourself.