One out of every three Americans had their flu shots for this year as reported by health officials. The illness hasn’t been in the headlines since last year’s global swine flu surge and has been low in occurrence except in Georgia. But to all these statistics, doctors still warn people of the disease’s resurgence since people are most likely to contract flu in the succeeding months considered as its peak months due to the sudden weather changes.

January till March is seen as the most likely times when flu is rampant as temperature changes from cold to a warmer climate. Surveys say that grown ups and children had to be vaccinated as flu excuses no one most especially if the person has low antibodies count or has low resistance.

Flu charges through the body if the person has a history of having been worn out for the past weeks; this is the time when the body is too weak to function due to too much work or had been over-fatigued. Staying close with people with flu might heighten the virus’ clutch on the tired person and will most likely to invade his body system.

Flu vaccinations drive have been seriously campaigned by health officials to alleviate the public from further contract and to likewise avert the virus to spread from one person to another. This campaign had seen its success in driving away if not stop the outbreak of another plague.

Flu shots or nasal sprays have been recommended by officials as a must for every person with the exception of infants below 6 months of age. These babies cannot yet be vaccinated as they are still armed with antibodies enough to guard them from the illness. This is the first time that they had warned and guided well the public as they do not want another outbreak like that of the swine flu magnitude to happen.

Last year saw the epidemic rush that swine flu and winter flu has brought that people needed to be injected by both shots. In response to this, people have definitely said yes to flu vaccinations; a total of 15 percent were definite answers while 25 percent others averred that they probably would follow.

H1N1 strain last year brought fear and panic to the whole citizenry of the world as the magnitude was global. This outbreak has claimed the lives of around 12 million people. This very occurrence is an example of how flu can be unpredictable. H1N1 virus was anticipated to be a super deadly attack and has young adults and children hardly hit.

In anticipation of a deadly spate, people got vaccinated on their own free will for flu; 160 million flu doses have been disseminated all over the country and every year the health department brews a new vaccine in order to match any strains that come and go against or destroy the health of human beings.It goes to show that the people’s cooperation with the government can bring about communities further shielded from any diseases.