Sometimes, hidden in negative life events are the greatest gifts. Breast cancer was exactly that for me. I don't know where I mustered up the courage to reject most of the “standard-of-care” treatments, like chemo and its harsh aftercare drugs. Instead, I made a deal with myself. I took a hard look at what I’d done up to this point relative to my diet and lifestyle to play host to this horrible disease, and realized what I thought was healthy eating was in essence, not. I also didn’t understand the ramifications of using chemical-laden products, like makeup and household cleaners, on my body.

From that moment on, I decided I would eat as though my life depended upon it; that I would eliminate chemicals as best I could from every facet of my life. That was 15 years ago and I've never looked back. Doing so has taken away my fear of recurrence, because I know that I am doing everything humanly possible to avoid the environmental assault that is taking down so many. This is why I created SUZANNE Organics cosmetics.

Study your skin under a microscope and you’ll find that what we know as little tiny pores actually look like giant holes. Keep that visual in mind and then imagine slathering chemical creams and lotions over them each day. It's not much of a stretch to realize that those chemicals and toxins can end up in your bloodstream, which then gives them a path to attack organs and glands, their favorite being the fattiest organ of all (the brain), which is composed of 60 percent fat.

This thought alone gives me peace of mind each day when I use my organic products, made with a variety of natural ingredients and enzymes, like African birch, which has been shown to regenerate skin, and CoQ10, an enzyme shown to clear free radicals under the skin and reduce wrinkles. Every day, I feel affirmed that I am steps ahead of all those who may have not yet realized that every choice matters.

We all have our individual “tipping point.” At what point does the toxic buildup in your body become overloaded, and you perhaps find yourself developing an autoimmune disease, such as fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis; one of the brain diseases of today, like ADHD; or worst of all, cancer?

I now realize that we are each individually in control of our health to a much greater degree than I ever before realized. A disease is not some ninja warrior out there who strikes rampantly; rather, we set the stage for it to appear with the choices we make. As simple as it sounds, organic skincare is a great place to start your transformation. How tragic would it be if poor choices resulted in an unwanted disastrous condition?

My health has never been better. I have energy and I am absolutely enjoying the aging process as a result. Health is all there is, and it needs to be valued above all else.

A trusted health advocate, successful entrepreneur, and star of two hit TV series, Suzanne Somers has written 25 books, including her latest New York Times bestseller, TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick. For more information visit, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.