A study published in the American Dietetic Association says parental diet strategies might cause their kids to overeat or get very picky with the food they consume. Parents who restrict their kids’ dietary habits are often noted as over-reacting.

Earlier studies have not been able to find how such factors play an important role in the weight of the children. Some studies have linked diet control to obesity whereas some others haven’t.

In the recent study, Dr. Jane Wardle at the University College London studied 213 mothers of 7- to 9-year-old children from five London schools. The moms were asked questions on their children's "responsiveness" to food.

Some mothers reported that they made their kids eat even when they weren’t hungry and some others said their kids would overindulge if there were no such restrictions. The researchers observed links regardless of children's weight. Earlier studies of siblings have noted moms tend to have more restrictions on the kid that weighs more. "With growing evidence of a genetic basis to eating behavior and food intake in children," Wardle said in the paper. "

The present results are consistent with the idea that mothers' feeding practices are, to some extent, responsive to their children's predispositions toward food."

The study pointed out the growing importance of dietary habits of parents. For instance, they said if parents eat more fruits and vegetables, sometimes the kids may also be willing to follow their footsteps.