If you are in haste, or are too busy to fix a healthy meal, then grabbing a protein bar may be the key to quenching that hunger. These quick fixes are full of the nutrients that you need to see you through.

Best protein bars

1. Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

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Quest bars have gained popularity for their low sugar content and high protein levels. These bars are known for their delicious taste and come in a wide range of flavors, offering options for various taste preferences. Beyond their protein content, Quest bars often incorporate fiber, providing an additional benefit for digestive health and satiety. They are a go-to choice for individuals seeking a convenient and tasty protein snack without the excess sugar.


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RXBARs are celebrated for their commitment to simplicity and transparency in ingredients. Each bar typically contains egg whites, nuts, and dates, with no hidden additives. This straightforward ingredient list appeals to those who prefer whole, minimally processed foods. RXBARs are gluten-free and come in a variety of flavors, making them a suitable option for those with specific dietary restrictions or anyone seeking a clean and straightforward protein source.

3. Kind Protein Bars

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Kind Bars are recognized for their use of whole ingredients and a commitment to balanced nutrition. The protein bars from Kind often include a combination of nuts, seeds, and whole grains. The emphasis on natural ingredients sets them apart, and they come in an array of flavors, appealing to those who enjoy a variety of tastes. These bars are gluten-free and provide a satisfying blend of protein and healthy fats.

4. LÄRABAR Protein Bars

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LÄRABARs are known for their simplicity and commitment to using whole foods. The protein bars from LÄRABAR maintain this philosophy, typically containing a few simple ingredients. Flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Apple Cobbler cater to those who appreciate natural sweetness without added sugars. LÄRABARs are gluten-free and appeal to individuals seeking a clean, minimally processed protein bar.

5. Clif Builder's Protein Bars

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Clif Builder's bars are designed to meet the protein needs of those leading active lifestyles. These bars incorporate a blend of soy protein and nuts, providing a substantial source of protein. With flavors like Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter, they offer a satisfying and tasty option for individuals looking to refuel post-workout or boost their protein intake during the day.

6. Power Crunch Protein Energy Bars

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Power Crunch bars differentiate themselves with a unique wafer-like texture. These bars combine a crispy layer with a creamy filling, creating a distinctive and enjoyable eating experience. Power Crunch bars often provide a good source of protein and are lower in sugar than some other options, making them an appealing choice for those conscious of their sugar intake.

Best protein bars for weight gain

7. MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars

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MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bars are renowned for their substantial size and robust nutritional profile, making them an excellent choice for those seeking weight gain. They go beyond typical protein bars, delivering a considerable calorie count along with a generous dose of protein. With a blend of carbohydrates, fats, and muscle-building protein, MET-Rx aims to support individuals in reaching their caloric goals, making these bars a convenient and satisfying option for those on a weight gain journey.

8. Probar Meal Bar

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Probar Meal Bars are a robust and larger-sized option, providing a substantial calorie content along with a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Tailored to meet the needs of those looking to gain weight, these bars offer a satisfying and nutrient-rich option. Probar emphasizes real food ingredients, making their Meal Bars a wholesome choice for individuals aiming to increase their daily caloric intake.

9. Grenade Carb Killa Bars

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Grenade Carb Killa Bars are a standout choice for those on a quest for a delicious yet nutritionally sound protein bar. With a commitment to minimizing sugar content and maximizing protein, Grenade's Carb Killa Bars offer a satisfying solution for individuals looking to boost their protein intake while enjoying a delightful treat. Beyond their role in supporting muscle recovery, these bars serve as a calorie-dense option due to their higher fat content, making them not only a nutritious choice but also a flavorful and satiating addition to the diet.

10. PowerBar ProteinPlus Bars

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PowerBar ProteinPlus Bars are meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between protein and carbohydrates, providing a versatile and convenient option for those navigating weight gain goals. Tailored to support muscle recovery and energy needs, these bars deliver not only on their nutritional promise but also on taste. Whether as a post-workout refuel or a satisfying snack between meals, PowerBar ProteinPlus Bars offer a well-rounded solution for individuals seeking a higher-calorie protein source, contributing to a comprehensive approach to weight gain.

11. Nature Valley XL Protein Chewy Bars

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Nature Valley XL Protein Chewy Bars go beyond the ordinary, offering a larger size packed with a substantial amount of protein. Designed with the active individual in mind, these bars provide not only a satisfying chewy texture but also a commendable calorie content. Perfect for those seeking a higher-calorie protein bar, Nature Valley XL Protein Chewy Bars offer a convenient and flavorsome way to supplement daily caloric intake. With a focus on quality ingredients, these bars present a wholesome choice for individuals looking to support their weight gain journey while enjoying a delicious and nutritious snack.

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Whenever you're in a hurry, but you still want to enjoy the goodness of a healthy meal, then grabbing a protein bar is the best solution. With various flavors and ingredients, protein bars offer a quick and satisfying way to meet your protein needs anytime, anywhere. Simply choose from the ones listed above and enjoy your next healthy bite.