If you’ve seen one YouTube video or episode of Cops with an unruly suspect getting tased, you’ve seen them all. Unless, of course, that YouTube video shows a group of people stripping down to their birthday suit and getting hit with a taser willingly in the name of art. Portrait photographer Patrick Hall recruited over 100 brave souls to get naked and stand their ground against 300,000 volts of electricity administered by none other than a friend or significant other. The finished product was shocking.

“Like many photographers, I have a ton of ideas floating around that I think would be great to explore,” Hall wrote on Fstoppers. “This idea for a photo series showing people the second they are hit with a taser or stun gun has been something I have wanted to photograph for almost a year now. Despite all the barriers it presented and the countless people who thought I was a sadist, crazy, or just outright irresponsible, I decided to finally stop talking about this idea and actually execute it. The results were pretty hilarious.”

While “The Taser Photoshoot” was tough on his models, Hall said the emotions of the individuals doing the tasing were just as entertaining. Although they were initially excited to shock someone close to them with a taser, they were immediately remorseful after seeing their friend’s reaction to being tased. Hall was mainly surprised by the range of emotions exhibited by taser recipients. “Some people screamed while others were quiet,” Hall explained. “A few people looked like they were experiencing pleasure while others had the most painful faces I've ever seen.”