Have you ever wondered as a young kid that the foods you eat could grow inside your body? Well, a Brewster man found a pea plant sprouting inside his lung.

With a good sense of humor, Ron Sveden, 75, who now recovered from a surgery that removed the plant, warns people to chew food well before swallowing.

Sveden had been coughing for months but the doctors at Cape Cod Hospital could not figure out what was causing it. When an X-ray showed a spot on Sveden’s windpipe, the doctors suspected a cancerous tumor and tested samples.

They discovered that the spot was not cancer but a plant sprouting inside his windpipe. The doctors think that while he was eating peas, one went down the wrong pipe.

After landing in his lung, the plant sprouted and grew an inch-and-a-half. After a surgery that removed the plant, Sveden ate a meal that included peas. “I laughed to myself and ate them,” he said.