This doctor deserves the title of world’s greatest pediatrician. Getting a baby to stop crying is hard enough, but getting a baby to laugh while administering shots is unheard of.

“Mama Ethiopia” uploaded a video to YouTube of her son sitting in his dad’s lap while the doctor injects three shots in the child’s thighs. After the first shot, the doctor pretends to inject himself and the baby’s mom. Then, he proceeds to inject the baby with the final two shots. The baby begins to let out a cry, but the doctor begins to take out tissue by tissue from the tissue box and toss them at the baby, saying “we need tissues, we need tissues,” in a cheerful voice. The baby immediately stops crying and bursts into laughter.

The pediatrician then places band aids on his thighs, while tickling him. Lastly, time to clean up. The doctor concludes the visit by singing the classic children’s song “Clean Up,” while he picks up the tissues. Watch the full video below to see just how adorable it is.

Having a fear of needles, even at an older age, is a legitimate fear and is more common than you may think. It’s estimated at least 20 percent of the general population has a fear of injections, which is called “trypanophobia.” If you suffer from a fear of needles, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can suggest therapy options, modify treatments, reduce the number of shots you’re schedule to get, or at best, try to make you laugh during your injections.