Amid the controversy over Obamacare requiring insurance companies to cover women’s contraception, not one critic has pointed to another large federal cost: $172 million in penis pumps between 2006 and 2011, NBC News reported. In Wednesday night’s Daily Show, the little-known fact was presented alongside America's high-volume spending on sexual health medications: $819 million on Viagra and $782 on Cialis.

“The existing system is absolutely a double standard,” Ilyse Hogue, president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, told Jon Stewart’s Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee. The penis pumps — erection-inducing devices — purchased at $360 each, Hogue noted, have not surfaced among controversial talks among lawmakers who vehemently oppose coverage for women’s contraception

“So for less than a dollar a day, a man can restore the glory of his erection?” Bee said. “That's amazing!” The information prompted Bee to question how funding has passed. According to Hogue, statistics show “probably some members of our Congress have a vested interested in having penis pumps covered by Medicare.”

“What would all these gray-haired Rip Van Winkles have to gain by not raising objections to penis pump—oh yeah, no. I get it,” Bee said.

See the video below for the interview: