A helicopter crash in Pennsylvania kills five people, including one child in Wyoming, Pa. The cause of the crash in unknown at the time of reporting.

"The Wyoming County coroner Thomas Kukuchka said the pilot contacted a nearby tower around 10:30 p.m. saying he would attempt to return to another airfield nearby." according to the Associated Press.

The chopper went down on Saturday night and as of now it is confirmed that three men, a woman and a child were on board. The name of the victims have not been released.

"It appears to be a father and son, a father and daughter and the pilot," said Kukuchka.

A sever thunderstorm could be the cause for the crash, but the police and coroner are still unsure. The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA will investigate this crash.

The helicopter originated from an airport on the outskirts of Binghamton, New York and was headed for Jake Arner Memorial Airport in Leighton, PA.

"Additional details will be released as the investigation progresses," said Trooper Adam Reed, a state police spokesman.