If you want to lose weight but can't see yourself giving up soda, Pepsi believes that it has just the thing. The soft drink manufacturer is launching a soda that the company claims will block fat.

Pepsi Special contains dextrin, which is a dietary fiber that is indigestible. Studies on mice have shown that the fiber blocks fat absorption and may lower cholesterol levels. The company's website extols the virtues of dextrin, saying that the compound helps to reduce fat levels in the blood. It is unclear how much corn syrup and sugar the beverage contains, but spokespeople from the company say that the drink would have an aftertaste that is crisp, refreshing, and unique. So far, it is only going to be sold in Japan, with no word on when it will be coming to the United States.

This is not the first drink with dextrin marketed in Japan. Already, Kirin Mets Cola is on the market, to runaway success. Kirin's sodas appear to be marketed toward men over the age of 30, and it is not yet clear whether Pepsi's marketing strategy will differ. Japanese consumers also have a wide variety of functional foods, from chocolate bars that proclaim to fight fat to alcoholic drinks that say that they will make drinkers look younger.

The drink is also not the first time that Pepsi has produced special soft drinks in Japan. Shelves in Japan have previously held Pepsi cans flavored with cucumber and with yogurt. Next month, Pepsi will be unveiling Pepsi White, which will have a tangerine tang.

Already, experts are skeptical about the nutritional success of Pepsi's drink. Dextrin has not conclusively been shown to work in humans.

It is suggested for people who would like to lose weight that they should embrace diets with higher fiber and with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Such a diet should allow for plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as keep a person full.