Men from all walks of life, from the smallest to the biggest of penises, all have one common plight when it comes to condoms: finding the perfect fit. This “necessary evil” for safe sex can lead men to forego wearing condoms altogether, since it can slip or fall off when it’s too big, or it can feel tight and uncomfortable when it’s too small. TheyFit, a UK-based company revolutionizing the way men think of condoms, and more importantly safe sex, has encouraged men to use the contraceptive by selling up to 95 different sizes — 14 different lengths and 12 different nominal widths — catering to those with the smallest or extremely large of packages.

Thomas Newman, a customer support agent at TheyFit told Vice: “We make custom-fit condoms, so whatever size condom a particular gentleman requires. We don't cater to just the big guys, just the small guys, just the average guys — we cater to all the guys. Obviously, those who are particularly small or particularly large, or particularly atypical, come to us the most distressed and eager to fix their issue because they have suffered the most from the traditional sizes.”

TheyFit aims to provide the perfect fit to in turn encourage men to use condoms in the first place. The Food and Drug Administration’s condom regulations have limited condom companies to offer condoms with a minimum length of 6.29 inches and a maximum width of 2.13 inches, creating problems for even the most well-endowed of men. In the U.S., well-endowed men are limited to Magnum and XL condoms, but these condoms are only slightly bigger. According to, a Magnum has a length of 8.07 inches and a width of 2.13 inches, while a Trojan Ultra Thin has a length of 7.59 inches and a width of 2.08 inches.

Unlike the U.S., there is no understanding of what Magnum condoms are in Europe, according to Newman. “When you look at the normal width of a standard Durex condom that is sold all across Europe, it is actually wider than a Trojan Magnum. The real issue there is that if you're a guy who genuinely needs a larger condom, you might go and try [Magnum], thinking it's a larger condom, and have a bad time, and then just think that condoms are no good and that you can't use them,” Newman said.

The use of an ill-fitted condom has been found to cause a loss of erection and discourage condom use among men. A 2006 study published in the journal Sexual Health found men are more likely to experience condom-associated erection loss if they lack confidence to use condoms correctly, if they experience problems with the way condoms fit or feel, and if they have sex with multiple partners. More than one-half of the participants in the study indicated their loss of erection was due to problems with “fit or feel.”

The pre-lubricated, colorless, and odorless TheyFit condoms address the problem of fit, and even help curb the embarrassment some men feel when it comes to condom shopping. To get the best fit condom, men have to get aroused, have an erection, and measure the length and the circumference. Customers are instructed to enter their measurements on TheyFit’s site to get their particular code, which is “random for added privacy.” The condom wrappers don’t include sizes, which helps lessen the stress of measuring up for guys with smaller packages.

The “perfect fit” condoms are still pending official approval from the U.S. and Canada, since condoms are regulated medical devices and warrant the permission of a medical regulator. Those in the UK can purchase the condoms for £6.99 ($9.00) for a box of six. TheyFit condoms aim to please, according to Newman, by going straight to the heart of the problem, and convert guys into thinking: “OK. Actually, I can use a condom and enjoy sex.”