After suffering from an accidently gunshot to the groin at the tender age of nine, Luis Canelos will undergo reconstructive surgery at Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami, Fl.

Canelos, who has never traveled from his home country Peru until now, accidently shot himself in the groin, which nearly blew off his entire genital region.

As reported in the Miami Herald, Dr. Christopher J. Salgado, an associate professor of surgery and section chief of plastic surgery at the University of Miami, heard about Canelos predicament and reached out to the International Kids Fund Wonderfund. International Kids Fund Wonderfund is a program of the Jackson Memorial Foundation that aims to provide lifesaving or life changing medical care to children in need.

According to executive director of the International Kids Fund Wonderfund, Maria Luisa Chea, the charity felt obligated to assist the Canelos' in their time of need, not only because of the physical situation but also because of the emotional toil.

Dr. Morad Asari, who will be a part of the team performing this operation, will conduct a replacement surgery called a phalloplasty. This operation will entail a two-team approach, which will consist of forearm grafting and placing a cadaveric fibula bone. This operation may possibly last as long as 24 hours.

Now at the age of 17, Canelos hope to regain his lost manhood. His treatment will cost $50,000, but because Canelos has no health insurance and is not a resident of the United States, so the International Kids Fund Wonderfund is currently raising $50,000 for the surgery.

The surgery is set for August 2nd. If no complication arises, and the operation is a complete success, Canelos and his father will return to Loreto, Peru, a small section bordering Columbia and Ecuador, around mid-September. Doctors in Peru will then continue to oversee Canelos' recovery.