PhenQ, is our topic for discussion in today’s article, as this nutritional supplement shows increasing popularity in public.

A powerful natural fat burner - tested, certified and legal – dominated the market around the world in recent years, gaining good reputation and positive reviews from its users.

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A more detailed look reveals hidden secrets, uncovering anything not true and recognize all its positive elements (if exist).

Besides, a restyled look of the product made us to start a new discussion on the specific product. The classic packaging changed to a more modern, simple and clear line (not including lots any luxuries or extravagance).

We have to admit we were impressed by this new look, not being, however, a strong argument to trust a nutritional supplement!

Here is our work on presenting the renewed version of PhenQ.

In this article, we deal with the basic information about PhenQ slimming pill (composition, price, pros and cons, side effects), also trying to solve any questions at the moment you obtain this supplement in your hands.

Discussion, Comments, useful conclusions.

As always, you, the buyer and potential user make the decision.

What is PhenQ ?

phenq phenq

This is a slimming pill (non-chemical) being in the market for several years, passing the first (and most important) crush test in public, in fact with great success.

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A quick look at the new bottle, we see the name and information on the contents of the package - 60 special capsules – sufficient for 1 month of treatment.

Besides, - on the back of the bottle - we see a complete composition of the supplement printed in every detail (creating confidence and security feeling) for the product.

There are already more than 190,000 customers around the world having tried it for help in their quest for the body of their dreams.

How it Works?

• fat burning

• appetite suppression

• reduction of fat production by organism

• weight loss (from adipose tissue)

• energy increase

• mood and confidence boost

• determination stimulated

• loss of measurement points from difficult parts of the body

• self-concentration and mental alertness boosted

Is PhenQ for Everyone? - Target Group

This is a pill for everyone, suitable for men and women with the same effective ability.

• People with a low number of kilos, or higher extra weight wishing to lose weight.

• People with local accumulation of body fat.

• People wishing to suppress their appetite and reduce the amount of food (even poor food quality food) consumed.

• People in need of extra help to regain their shape.

Attention - The product is not recommended for minors, people with health problems, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people who have a food allergy to any of supplement’s ingredients.

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PhenQ - All the Active Ingredients

Unlike other similar products, the great innovation provided by PhenQ is a "secret" ingredient, the α-Lacys Reset® as it’s called, patented, tested and certified.

Apart of the secret ingredient, PhenQ contains other natural and active slimming ingredients, as:

• Capsimax Powder : A mixture of Capsicum, caffeine, piperine and vitamin B3 (niacin, activating components the process of thermogenesis in organism (i.e. increase of its internal temperature), resulting in intense fat burning and inhibition of new fat cell formation. Promotes the loss of kilos and points even from the most "difficult" parts of the body.

• Chromium Picolinate : A metal usually received from meat, cereals or vegetables. Adequate intake helps the organism reduce the cravings for sugar, fatty foods, junk foods, and carbohydrates in general.

This is achieved by controlling blood sugar levels and suppressing appetite levels, while promotes the adequate intake of sugar by the cells (for providing energy required for organism), stopping the desire for further consumption.

• Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the most well known (and most widely used in various nutritional supplements) ingredients for energy, fat burning and appetite suppression. The process of thermogenesis leads to 24/7 weight loss.

• Nopal: This cactus known in recent years via diet supplements is abundant in fiber creating a strong feeling of satiety and controlling the feeling of hunger. It also injects valuable amino acids into organism favoring its energy supply, loss of local fat, the fight against fluid retention, the detoxification and the improvement of the physical condition of individual.

L-Carninite Furmarate: Finally, this is another well known ingredient for its action, one of the most basic slimming ingredients that can significantly enhance the weight loss process (without feeling tired / exhausted / sluggish).

The "Secret" ingredient α-Lacys Reset®

Α-Lacys Reset® is a clinically proven ingredient promoting weight loss, fat burning, but also the reduction of brown adipose tissue and the increase of lean muscle mass.

What really is this in?

It’s a synthetic ingredient currently present in a number of quality slimming products and in food products.

Promotes weight loss and has anti-aging effects in organism, also reducing oxidative stress and increasing athletic benefits.

It is a patented ingredient.


Alfa Lipoic Acid: Improves the body's aerobic metabolism, enhances the beneficial energy, reduces the feeling of fatigue, promotes physical exercise, accelerates recovery time after physical activity and promotes weight loss (from fat mass).

• L-Cysteine: Improves mood, increases self-confidence, promotes determination (especially useful in weight loss), provides anti-aging protection and prevents oxidation. Though not broadly known, it is also a very beneficial ingredient for menopausal women (balances hormones).

Is There a Possibility of Side Effects with Concomitant Use of α-Lacys Reset® and Vitamin C?

No. No interactions between the components identified to date. However, this does not mean that there is no risk of side effects in people with sensitivity or other health problems.

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PhenQ – Any other side effects provoked?

Its 100% natural composition securing risk-free results, unlike similar chemical products, will not let side effects overshadow your effort and discontinue it.

It may not provide the same fast results as a chemical fat burner (an obvious fact); however, it is a very "honest" and safe way to lose weight without endangering your health.

Note - This does not mean that there is no chance of encountering minor hassles, especially if organism is sensitive. For example, there are people who have reported nervousness, sleep disturbance or anxiety (mainly due to caffeine contained in quite large dose). There are also people with intolerances complaining of gastrointestinal upset, nausea or headache (again these are only temporary & harmless incidents).

Attention - Concomitant use with other stimulants can cause severe overstimulation of nervous system.

Dosage Indicated / Recommended by the Company

The manufacturer being aware of supplement’s active ingredients - recommends a daily use of 2 pills / day.

More specifically, 1 pill is administered in the morning with breakfast and 1 pill in the afternoon with lunch (or evening with dinner for those taking late dinner).

Attention – The late night consumption of supplement increases the chance of sleep disorders due to the existing dose of caffeine contained. For this reason, experts ideally suggest that administration of supplement should take place not later than 3 p.m. to avoid side effects and hassles of the user.

The use of PhenQ may be continued with no fear until you reach the final goal set for your body weight.

However, even after reaching the goal you can continue using it, for maintaining the body weight stable, if this makes you feel safer.

Of course any type of body excercise (Running, cycling, weight lifting, personal or Group training ) is a very good addition!

phenq phenq

PhenQ users state that taking this supplement has actually helped them control their appetite and improve their eating habits in long term.

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Purchase of Phenq - Price - Offers

PhenQ is available via its official website.

The price of each package is at USD 69.95 (slightly expensive, justified in a way by its effective action).

Official website also includes interesting offers to help you secure the favorite supplement for your treatment, saving a significant amount of money at the same time.

Immediate and FREE shipping with every order, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee.