Pizza — it’s a guilty pleasure for most. And regardless if you’re a Chicago deep dish aficionado or if you favor the thin New York slice, there’s a pizza lover in almost all of us. One man loves pizza so much that he eats it every single day. He doesn’t eat it for every meal, but at least once a day, he’s been eating it for the last 25 years.

According to a Vice documentary, Dan Janssen has received a lot of criticism for the diet. “You’re horribly unhealthy and you’re gonna die,” he says people have told him. And Janssen responds, “Yeah, we’re all gonna die. But I’m gonna die with pizza in my stomach.”

He claims that despite his diabetes, most of this doctors (besides his endocrinologist) say that he’s perfectly fine. “Your cholesterol is fine. You seem healthy. Keep doing what you’re doing,” is what he claims that his doctors have said.

And besides the endocrinologist being unhappy, his fiancée Madeline is not happy about his eating habits. Janssen is a vegetarian but doesn’t like vegetables. Madeline attempts to get him to put vegetables on his pizza anyway, even though he makes a face when he has to eat them.

The pizza lover says he “recognizes that he has a very strong food aversion” and that he doesn’t “eat things normal people eat.”

“They have to have locally grown food from around the corner and all that bull****," he said. "I like processed food. I like preservatives and pizza. My dad's the same way, too. He had triple bypass surgery and then a week later went out and had a huge steak dinner.”