Men are not immune to the allure of cosmetic surgery. Even though most men won't admit it, they too are plagued by the same wrinkles and saddle bags that women suffer with. Men, like women, want to look young and gorgeous. To obtain beauty, men are just as eager as women are to get a little help from a specialist. Men most commonly request the following cosmetic procedures:


Men hate wrinkles as much, if not more, than women. Most men form wrinkles around their eyebrows and forehead which gives them a perpetually angry expression. Forehead wrinkles are caused by frequently squinting eyes, daily stress, worrying and the natural aging process. Botox injections fill in these lines and wrinkles with a neurotoxic protein that is produced from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. While Botox is very effective, too many injections will cause a person's face to appear frozen and lacking expression.


Everyone has perfectly smooth skin just below their epidermis. Removing the top skin layer of the epidermis requires more than just scrubbing and lotions. Although there are many dermabrasion machines for home use, a safe and effective microdermabrasion session really should be performed by a professional esthetician. This small yet effective machine acts like a tiny sandblaster on the skin’s surface as it removes dead skin to reveal new skin. It is imperative to use a high level sunscreen after treatments to protect this new skin from damage.

Hair Transplant

Woe is the man who suffers from premature balding. For he must make the toughest beauty choice of all: go bald or live with the half bald/half hair style. Or, he can have a hair transplant. Hair transplants miraculously give balding men a full head of real hair. In 2005 nearly forty thousand men received underwent this procedure. Those figures have nearly doubled in the last few years. The process costs under $5000 and lasts up to several years.

Eyelid Surgery

The technical name for this procedure is Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is one of the most commonly performed procedures available today. The procedure involves removing the excess fatty and loose tissue from the eyelids and under eye area. As cosmetic procedures go, this is a relatively low priced treatment at just around $2500. In addition, the procedure is outpatient and the results are usually visible for more than ten years. About thirty-eight thousand men had this procedure in 2011.

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