According to a new study, popular video game devices such as the Nintendo Wii can cause sprains, shoulder and ankle injuries.

The study led by Dr. Patrick O'Toole of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia addresses that the popular video games differ from typical video games in that they have participants imitate the movements of different kinds of sports and activities while competing against virtual opponents.

For the study the team used the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System to gather data on total video game-related injuries from January 2004 to January 2009.

During the period, the researchers found 696 video game-related injuries. Among these, 92 injuries were linked to interactive video games, involving 49 among males and 43 in females.

When compared to the traditional video game group, participants in the interactive group were considerably more likely to injure their shoulder, ankle, and foot. Bystander injuries occurred in both the interactive and the traditional groups with significantly more bystander injuries in the interactive group.

"Younger children under the age of 10 should be supervised while video games are being played to prevent bystander injuries, which are more common with interactive games," commented Dr. Patrick O'Toole.

However, another expert countered that the chance of being injured while playing an interactive video game is petty and is not a significant danger.