Scientists say it takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize the stomach is full. But what happens if a person is getting hungrier as she eats? A new pot-infused pizza sauce from the company Podey Pizza may have an answer.

A medical cannabis company out of California, Podey Pizza bills itself as the creator of “the world's first cannabis infused pizza sauce.” Where other manufacturers have shirked medical salience and proper dosage for taste, the company argues its product stands up to analytic testing. This is despite no scientific studies ever having been published on the effects of medical cannabis.

"We spent a lot of time getting it right so the sauce didn't taste 'green,'" said Steve Thomas, Podey Pizza’s vice president of operations, to The Huffington Post. "We probably made 150-200 pizzas and would invite three or four people to try them. We even put ads looking for people who were 300 pounds plus to make sure the dosage was right."

One 5-ounce jar of the sauce contains 300 milligrams of medical cannabis. Consumers can expect to feel fully medicated after three slices, the company says.

As Americans’ acceptance of cannabis grows, the market for offshoot and niche products swells in parallel. These include cannabis-infused hot sauce, Nutella, peanut butter, ice cream, and, of course, pizza sauces. Though Podey Pizza claims to be the first, other stores have already dished out iterations on the idea: a Vancouver company earlier this April and a separate California establishment called Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza, who boasts having the “world’s strongest medicated pizza.”

Podey Pizza distributes its product through dispensaries directly, given the drug’s status as a Schedule I controled substance, so consumers are only able to buy the product in select locations in Denver and California’s Bay Area. So much for 20 minutes or less.

With 300 milligrams of medical cannabis per jar, Podey Pizza says five ounces of sauce is enough for one large pizza or two small ones. Photo courtesy of Podey Pizza. Podey Pizza