Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different, both emotionally and physically. Some get cravings, some gain a lot of weight, some have terrible morning sickness. Some choose to maintain an aggressive fitness routine and six-pack abs, like Stacie Venagro, a fitness competitor and personal trainer from Cranston, Rhode Island.

Venagro has shared multiple photos of her baby belly, now at 7 months, on her Facebook and Instagram pages, often accompanied by hashtags like “#fitmama” and “girlswithmuscle.”

Though she has received both praise and criticism for her uber fit pregnancy body, Venagro maintains that she is very healthy, and that her doctor reports the baby is as well.

“She says I’m measuring right on point,” Venagro told Mom.me. “I just passed my glucose test. [The baby’s] heart rate is consistently in the 150-155 range.”

Vengaro at 30 weeks. Facebook

The fitness guru explained to SELF that she isn’t too bothered by haters on her social media accounts.

“I know that the people making those comments don’t know anything about me so it’s OK. Everyone will have an opinion but only those who know me know who I am. That’s all that matters to me.”

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