With a growing body of evidence that beer in moderation — a glass per day — can be healthy, a glassmaker has added artistry to the mix, making beer-drinking a truly unique experience one glass at a time.

After a bartender incorrectly poured him a half and half — a mixture of two beers, usually pale ale and stout — glassmaker Matthew Cummings was inspired to create a new kind of beer glass. He created an elegant dual cup that can hold two different types of brews at once.

His dual beer cup is the first product to be released by his company, the Pretentious Beer Glass Company, based in Louisville, Kentucky. The compay has a shop on Etsy.

Cummings describes his glassmaking process as using “techniques that haven’t really changed in several hundred years (except for a few safety features),” he writes on his Etsy page. “Molten glass is collected on a hollow blowpipe, and shaped with the use of wet newspaper pads or wooden tools.”

Quality Over Quantity

The dual beer glass allows beer fans to mix different types of beers and also to experience the scent of two brews simultaneously. Cummings’ other glasses come in unique shapes and sizes, depending on the type of beer they’re meant to contain. His handcrafted pieces — dubbed “pretentious beer” glasses — elevate the drinking process, emphasizing the importance of drinking one glass slowly to enjoy the full experience, rather than guzzling down several one after the other.

Drinking a glass of beer per day might have health benefits. A study released earlier this year found that the combination of alcohol and antioxidants in beer may improve heart health. Drinking beer loosens up arteries within an hour or two and increases blood flow to the heart, according to the study.

Beer is also a source of vitamin B, fiber, and humulone, a chemical compound in hops called found to have anti-inflammatory effects.