The most common and prevalent illness in humans is the common cold. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC affirmed that common cold is also among the most common causes of absenteeism at school and work. There are more than 22 million school days that is lost in every year because of U.S. Colds caused by viral infections. Around 200 different viruses are said to cause cold symptoms of different severity.

Colds can be spread from one person to another thru these viruses. This is possible because of the tiny droplets of mucus entering the air that goes out to the nasal passages of a person with colder is inhaled by a person. The cold virus is also spread by touching surfaces that have been afflicted with the virus. Once you touch these surfaces and touch your eyes, nose or mouth, you will be having colds next.

There are some easy ways you can do to keep cold virus from infecting you. You should do this with your family so that you do not become at risk with cold.

• Always wash your hands. The most possible way of transmitting the cold virus is by hand contact. When you go shopping, visit the gym or hang out in a public place, it is very important that you should wash your hands. It is advisable to wash your hands frequently so that the virus that you acquired from touching affected areas is destroyed. A hand sanitizer or hand wipes can also be carried around when going outdoors.

• As much as possible, do not touch your face, most importantly your nose, eyes and mouth areas.

• Smoking is not a big help in avoiding colds. It will only irritate the airways, thus increasing your vulnerability to colds and other infections. Massive smoke exposure can also make your children more prone to getting colds.

• If someone has colds in the family, it is recommended that you use disposable items such as cups, drinking glasses and spoons and forks. This must be done so that there is no accidental spread of virus by drinking on other’s cup.

• Cleaning the household is a good way to shoo colds. Do not miss the door knobs, keyboards, drawers, telephones, light switches, sinks and countertops as these places are the dirtiest ones inside the house. Wiping these areas with soap and water or disinfectant would help.

• If you have a child who has a cold, you should wash all his or her toys and the most commonly-used items inside the house.

• Always stock up with paper towels inside the bathroom and kitchen. Using cloth towels would just help spread germs and viruses. If you are going to use cloth towels, be sure to have one for each member of the family and also for the guests.

• After using, throw the paper towels or tissues properly. The tissue may have all the viruses and may spread colds.

• A healthy lifestyle is a great way to avoid colds. There has been no direct evidence that eating healthy food and exercising can prevent colds, but having a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep and doing physical exercise can boost your immune system. Thus, you have a better resistance against colds.

• Emotional stress can weaken your immune system so you would want to control your stress levels.