Weight loss is one of those things that we really want but struggle to achieve. We self-sabotage. We get impatient and give up. We falsely think we do not have what it takes to make a real dent in that number on the scale. We focus a lot on what we should eat, what we should not eat, what type of exercise we should do; of course, these are all vital parts of the equation, but if we fail to work on our inner world-our mind-success will elude us. True weight loss and changes to your lifestyle depend on making the right choices and you need to prime your mind to make them rather than the ones that lead to failure.

Make Stress Management a Priority

Stress is an inescapable part of life for the average person. If we cannot make it go away, it becomes imperative to manage it more successfully. Finding ways to deal with stress is particularly important when it comes to weight loss since this insidious force is a major culprit in unhealthy eating habits. High levels of stress bring us to a place where we no longer care about eating healthy and just want to take the edge off with a whole box of donuts.

When we find ways to reduce our stress, we adopt a more empowering perspective on the issues we face in our life and we respond and do not react. We make less destructive choices. Do yoga, meditate, breathing exercises, whatever makes you feel good and feel better.

Get Clear on Your ''Why''

Behind every decision we make, large and small, lays some perceived benefit. By doing said thing, we will feel better or get something we want. That is obvious, but we often fail to really gain deep clarity on why we want the things we want. I think of this deep clarity as the reasons behind the reasons. The more you examine why you want something, the more you will be motivated to get it. You will realize how important it is to you and you will make a commitment to getting it. Without a strong ''why'', we are unfocused; we lack motivation; we self-sabotage. Think of your reasons for weight loss and get detailed with the reasons behind those reasons.

If you want to have a nicer body, why? If you want to be able to do more things with your kids, why? If you want to be healthier, why? If you want to get off those medications, why? If you want to feel more confident, why?

Practice Forgiveness and Think Long-Term

We are usually way too hard on ourselves when we are struggling to achieve the things we want. We are only human after all and we are prone to lots of foibles. We berate ourselves for having weak willpower when it comes to changing our eating habits and we just give up. Remember, that each day is a new day and that you are looking to make lasting changes for the rest of your life and not trying to drop a few quick pounds for an upcoming social event. If you slip up at breakfast, resolve to eat healthier at lunch. If you eat one too many brownies for dessert one day, all is not lost.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness content. If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating and getting to your goal weight, Tom Corson Knowles can provide a wealth of information on healthy weight loss.