A new campaign raising awareness for minors who have been victims of sexual abuse by a family member uses Disney princesses. The series, entitled “The Princest Diaries,” is by a Middle Eastern artist, who uses the pseudonym "Saint Hoax" for his/her work. The artist acknowledges previous projects have stirred up a lot of controversy, and this one may be no different.

The inspiration for this new project came after Hoax found out a close friend had been molested by her father when she was 7 years old. “It took her 14 years to be able to share that traumatizing experience. That story shock me to my core. As an artist/activist I decided to shed light on that topic again in a new form. I used Disney princess because it's a visual language that my targeted audience would be attracted to,” the artist wrote to Medical Daily in an email.

While these photos might stir up some controversy, the artists says that, “the main purpose of this campaign is to encourage incest victims (mainly under 18) to report their attacks.”

“I was extremely hesitant about posting the series. I feared that it might be clashing with Disney's principles. But today (just 1 day after publishing my posters) I received an email from a girl thanking me for the project and telling me that she decided to report her father after seeing the posters. I actually cried. You have no idea how glad I am now that I actually published the series. If the posters could change 1 persons life, then it's worth it,” Hoax wrote in the email.

In the United States, 38 percent of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.

You can find Hoax’s work on SaintHoax.com.

Jasmine portrayed with her father from Aladdin. Saint Hoax
Ariel from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid. Saint Hoax
Sleeping Beauty pictured with her father from the movie, Sleeping Beauty. Saint Hoax