A new study has found that most of the car seat related injuries happen outside of the car.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center researchers studied the Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Surveillance System database and found that many of the reported injuries, including deaths has happened as a result of car seats being used in the home or in a shopping cart, rather than in the car.

In over 40,000 car seat injuries involving children under 1 year old, the majority (85%) were due to falls with 65% cases of infants falling out of the car seat and 15% of car seats falling from a high surface.

Eight percent of the injured infants were admitted to the hospital and three babies died from the injuries.

Parents should enforce proper use of child safety seat both inside and outside of the car. Another study showed that incorrect use of child safety seats is a major reason for car accidents being the leading cause of disability and death among children in the U.S.

Placing the car seat on an elevated surface should be avoided and babies should be strapped properly at all times when in the car seat.