In March, Alexis Wright, a fitness instructor who doubled as a prostitute, pleaded guilty to 20 counts including prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion, and theft by deception. She was sentenced today.

Wright gained notoriety when a police raid revealed that she was running a prostitution business from her fitness studio. A savvy businesswoman, but not-so-savvy criminal, Wright was forced to plead guilty after ledgers, electronic exchanges, and videos from her illegal acts were admitted into evidence.

Paperwork revealed that prominent people from the town of Kennebunk, Maine were patrons of Wright's 'Zumba studio,' including a former mayor, a high school hockey coach, and a minister. On top of her unlawful prostitution business, Wright also evaded tax laws and collected $40,000 in public assistance (welfare), even though she made about $150,000 from her prostitution business.

On Thursday, the prosecutor on the case made a sincere plea to the court that Wright's crimes are severe and should not go unpunished. "The offenses herein were serious. Public benefits, in particular, are for those truly in need," said Deputy District Attorney Justina McGettin. "Though the benefits and tax offenses do not carry with them a particular named victim, in truth all citizens of this state are victims, as state (and federal) treasuries are lean and growing less and less sufficient to meet the needs of our citizens."

Early reports say Wright will be sentenced to 10 months in jail under a previously existing plea agreement. She will also pay over $57,000 in fines and restitution to the state.

Wright's idea to hide her prostitution services by masquerading as a fitness centers was clever, but unoriginal. In fact, most prostitution rings operate under the pretenses of a 'wellness center.' Here are the three veiled forms of prostitution services that seem to come up time and time again:

3. Barbershops: Apparently this is big in China, where 'barbershop girls' wash hair and feet, and have sex with their male clients.

2. Spas: Just this year, a prostitution ring was uncovered at a spa near Pittsburgh, Pa. Prostitution 'spas' are also very common in the U.S. (See here, here, and here.)

1. Massage Parlor: Massage parlors are probably the most used front for prostitution worldwide. Patrons go in for a soothing massage and leave with a little extra.