How can the school administration help in protecting children in school? Is there a stricter measure that a school can impose to prevent untoward events from happening? These are only questions posed in the minds of parents and bystanders as there have been incidents involving inmates scurrying inside the school yards and posed threat towards its classroom denizens and even the faculty.

The question lies in the security measures being utilized by the school administration. Regardless of the level that institution is at, meaning, preschool or college level education, there has to be preventive actions that have to be introduced. As some schools are lax, there are schools that impose stiffer rules and regulations with regards to entry of strangers and visitors inside a school campus.

In protecting children in school, there has to be a time for visitors and guests to enter so as not to disrupt the classes that are going on. The school children are the bread and butter of every institution and they have the right to be protected from harm that can pose danger to their existence. But this is not so true with public schools where outsiders have almost the liberty to roam around the premises.

There had been movies made to depict the taking as hostage of a certain school and the result was bloodshed. How can the school go on in protecting children in school then? In the advent of these incidents, it is the institutions that have to take the first step in calling in parents and teachers for a general meeting. This will be a welcome suggestion as these parties might come up with a very helpful solution on the problems that beset both school and homes. After all, the lives of the kids are at stake and comprising the most important part of the school, their existence has to be preserved.

Having problems like this can avert unseemly events that could lead to regret once this is not taken into consideration. Imposing stricter measures in accepting visitors can thwart evil designs that might ruin the future of the school children. Maintaining a good relationship with the parents can help fend off bad elements and ill-will among outsiders.

Protecting the children in school has to be the second most important thing that an institution has to tackle, aside from education. Parents will forever be grateful with the administration and the kids in their own young minds will look back and see that the school that they came from held their fortress well in protecting them from harm.