Most children, it's safe to say, want presents galore underneath their Christmas trees. For one girl this year, however, instead of presents, all she wants is Christmas cards.

Eight-year-old Safyre Terry isn’t like most other girls her age. In 2013, an arsonist started a fire that killed her father, 3-year-old sister, 2-year-old brother, and 11-month-old half-brother. Safyre was the only survivor. Her father’s body had shielded her from the blaze, although she still suffered burns over 75 percent of her body.

Today, Safyre lives with her aunt in New York. Her aunt bought a Christmas tree this year that displays about 100 Christmas cards, and because the family only receives about 10 holiday cards, Safyre reached out to the Internet for help with filling her tree.

So her and her family began a Facebook group called “Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor” with the intention of having people from all over the world donating cards. As of this writing, the page has more than 54,000 likes. Meanwhile, a donation page, which was also made for Safyre, has racked up more than 5,000 supporters and raised $164,000 to help pay for her hospital bills.

Then a few days later, an Imgur post went up. With more than 130,000 views, it said: "Her Christmas wish is to fill her card tree with cards from all across the world. I strongly encourage anyone to participate or even just help spread the word around."

If you would like to send a Christmas card to Safyre, here's the address:

P.O. Box 6126

Schenectady, NY 12306, USA