We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day at some point in our lives. While that may be true, it doesn’t really help us figure out exactly what we’re supposed to be eating. Instead of letting the cartoon rabbit on a cereal box decide what you should be having for breakfast, try letting science influence your decision; it says a complete breakfast should be equal parts carbohydrates and protein.


Cutting down on carbs or cutting carbs out of our diets completely have been considered healthy dieting options in the past. However, if you think energy is an important part of your day than carbs should be important to you. When we digest carbs they turn into glucose, which travels through the body via our bloodstream before eventually being converted into energy.

Carb options in the morning: oatmeal, whole wheat pancakes, whole grain cereal, fruit, and Greek yogurt.


Thanks to that gym rat we all know, a lot of people today think protein is exclusively for post-workout. Each cell in our body contains protein, but protein cannot be stored like fat. That means protein in our diet is necessary and the amount we consume should be based on how active we are. Our bodies use the protein we consume through our diets to repair tissue damage, build muscle, and provide a steady flow of energy.

Protein options in the morning: turkey bacon/sausage, eggs, and Greek yogurt.