Going to the dentist has always been a nerve-wracking experience for kids and adults alike. One man in Japan, who missed one too many dental check-ups, learned the importance of oral health after 10 years. Identified as only “Katsu,” the man’s dental cleaning procedure was filmed, capturing the transition from a “decade of calcite and plaque” to much less brown-looking teeth.

The stomach-turning video, “Long overdue plaque removal,” uploaded by user campbpar, has garnered over one million views and has made viewers rethink their dental hygiene habits. In the one-minute-and-23-second clip, the plaque-covered teeth are seen being cleaned as a decade’s worth of stains are chipped out of the man’s mouth. The calcite and plaque buildup is described to be due to "authentic Japanese cuisine, smoking, and never having flossed."

Plaque that is not removed can harden into tartar, a hard mineral deposit that forms on teeth, and make brushing and cleaning between teeth more difficult. Gum tissue can also become swollen and bleed due to the debris and dental plaque. Like in Katsu’s case, the patient can be susceptible to gingivitis, which is one of the early stages of gum disease.

Despite the poor hygienic nature of this video, Katsu isn’t the only dirty mouth a dentist has seen. A YouTube video uploaded by user Mari Reni, shows what should be considered a teeth brushing and flossing PSA. A young girl appears to be sitting down while her dentist uses dental tools to extract maggots living in her gums. The video continues for nearly three minutes as the dentist continues to pull out maggot after maggot.

In the U.S., 100 million Americans fail to see a dentist each year, says Mouth Healthy, even though regular dental examinations and good oral hygiene can prevent a majority of dental diseases. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, typically people visit the dentist once or twice a year. Others may require more visits to maintain their pearly whites.

So, ready to brush and floss, and see your dentist immediately?