Humans are in the midst of an evolutionary transition that can completely alter the way we look in 1000 years. Within the next few decades, scientific breakthroughs will propel our species forward with changes in physical traits and capabilities, but what causes this transformation to occur? In the latest video from AsapSCIENCE, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown explain that climate change, artificial selection, and genetic mutations will all change our bodies in drastic ways, from red eyes to darker skin.

Over the last century and a half, humans have undergone a series of changes in height and lifespan. The average height has increased roughly by 10 centimeters and within the last six and a half decades, the global life span has expanded about 20 years due to science. Scientists predict computers will reach computational speed of the human brain, possibly leading to transhumanism. This theory suggests future nanobots, or tiny robots, will be subtly integrated into our bodies enhancing our own abilities. This means we will no longer be limited by our own physiology, but rather become a mixture of biology and machine on the inside.

The world's rising temperature and the deterioration in the protective ozone layer will also influence our physical traits. Added UV radiation reaching the planet may create a scenario where darker skin will become an evolutionary advantage by protecting us against UV damage. Our bodies may become taller and thinner, which may be ideal for dissipating excess body heat, as it creates the best body surface area to volume ratio.

Now, while genetic mutations may give us a new eye color, or unique abilities, artificial selection (human influenced changes) will likely drive most of our evolution. We may be able to modify our babies' genes before birth to eliminate diseases they may carry, or include desirable traits for our offspring. This may make us smarter, stronger, and even better looking, but such a genetic similarity can leave room for a new disease to wipe what would then be the entire human race.