Choking is a common cause of injury and even death among young children, but it doesn’t need to be. Many parents and caregivers panic when their child chokes because they don’t know how to properly help the child. A recent video released by St. John’s Ambulance in England has provided a visual guide on how to save your child from choking in as little as 41 seconds.

Because children have not yet mastered the skill of chewing and swallowing, they are very susceptible to choking. Also, as any experienced parent will tell you, children use their mouth as a way to explore their environment, which means that they will put anything they can put their tiny little hands on inside their choppers. But if the objects are tiny enough, they may fall down the child’s throat and obstruct his airway.

The first piece of advice to save a choking child is to lay him face down on your thigh and give him five quick blows to the back. If this doesn’t work, then turn him around so he is facing you and hit him another five times on the chest. Hopefully this should allow whatever has obstructed his airways to be propelled out, but if that still doesn’t work, it’s advised to then call an ambulance.

To avoid choking from ever occurring in the first place, it’s wise to monitor what’s around children with the anticipation that they may try and put it into their mouth. Food is the most common item for small children to choke on, according to the Mayo Clinic, so when serving food to a child make sure that it’s cut into small enough pieces. Also it’s best to keep distractions such as the television away from children during meal time as this may up their chances of choking.

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