For those men who do not frequent fertility clinics hoping to collect between $35 and $50 for their semen sample, the inside of a sperm donation room may seem like unchartered territory. Do they really offer free pornography? How much room do you get to work with? Is it sanitary? A Redditor making his trip to donate sperm decided to answer any questions we may have regarding a sperm bank's donation room by photographing his experience.

The result of this man’s sperm-donating venture is (drum roll please): fairly uninteresting. Aside from the Playboy magazine provided to expedite the process, the room resembles one you would find yourself in at any healthcare facility complete with towels, a tacky rug, and a sink area for cleanup. There is also a seemingly comfortable single chair with a handy swivel table to put your “reading material” on.

More surprising than the inside of a sperm donation room is what the qualifications are for becoming a sperm donor. Although you may expect that most sperm banks require men to be between the age of 18 and 44 and have no significant illness or family history of genetic diseases, what may surprise you is that men who are adopted tend to be ineligible and donors must also be prepared to produce a specimen four to eight times per month and have to make a minimum six-month commitment.

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