Pills, penis pumps, and plastic surgery are just some of the great lengths men go through to pick up the slack in the sack. These desperate attempts can temporarily boost a man’s sex life, but the simplest, permanent, and proven solution is priceless. Men can reap the same sexual benefits of Kegel exercises just like women by maintaining bladder control.

Kegel exercises for men can improve bladder control and sexual function if done correctly. Marni, a dating coach for Ejaculation Advisor, believes Kegel exercises can help men last longer in bed. “They control your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles so you can control ejaculation and prolong ejaculation, and it also helps you so you don't pee in your pants," she says in the YouTube video, “Kegel Exercises For Men — How To Last Longer in Bed.”

The PC muscles of the pelvic floor are taut and strong, which helps to hold the pelvic organs in place, and assists in bladder control and sexual function. However, as both men and women age, they can become weakened and stretched. Strengthening these muscles is as simple as strengthening your arm muscles or leg muscles.

A 2006 study published in the journal Urology found men who suffered from chronic pelvic pain syndrome experienced significant improvement in pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, erectile dysfunction, and libido after performing pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) exercises. This finding is vital since the impact of chronic pelvic pain syndrome on sexual function in men is underestimated. Men with and without chronic pelvic pain can gain sexual confidence by incorporating more PMFT exercises in their daily routine.

To identify your PC muscles, stop urination mid-stream, and if you’ve succeeded you got the right muscles, says the Mayo Clinic. Another tip to be sure you’ve located the right muscles is to see if your testicles will rise when you’re contracting them. Once they’re located, the next step is to practice flexing them. You can either imagine or do this while peeing by stopping the urine stream, hold for five to 20 seconds, then release.

Marni suggests working your way up to 50 reps. One rep equals five seconds of clenching your PC muscles for three to five seconds, and then you release. Start by doing 10 to 20 reps and work your way up. It’s best to increase your reps when you feel your muscles adapt. Then begin to increase the time from five to seven seconds for further strengthening.

Kegel exercises don’t have to be just for women. Men can also reap the health and sexual benefits of Kegels with clenching. This may just be the priceless solution to better sex.