Let’s talk about sex. We all know it’s necessary for the continuation of much of life on earth, but while most animals reserve sexual activity for a certain time of year, humans are quite frankly willing to “get down” anytime, anywhere. So, what’s behind humans’ insatiable sex drive? Well, according to Dr. Bill Nye "The Science Guy," evolution.

Sexual reproduction enables us to pass on our genes to future generations, but most importantly, a diversity of traits which facilitate evolution. This benefit of sexual reproduction can often be the difference between survival and extinction. For example, Live Science reported that sexual reproduction allowed humans to evolve to have smaller incisor and molar teeth. This allowed our ancestors to consume a more diverse diet of tougher plants and more meat — a trait which became essential as climate conditions changed and food sources shifted.

Along with an improved dental structure, evolution also provided humans with a bigger brain. This big brain means that we have a better understanding of sex and are more aware of the responsibility and consequences that can come with intercourse. To ensure that unpleasant consequences of sex do not deter us from reproducing, Mother Nature equipped humans with the ability to feel immense pleasure during intercourse, and as Nye puts it, “super-hard sex drive."

Our sex drive and constant desire for the pleasure associated with intercourse ensures that we continue to have sex no matter what danger or inconvenience it puts us in. And let's face it, Nature must be doing something right because despite the pain of childbirth, threat of "superbug" STDs, and the crippling cost of raising a kid, we keep going at it.