Out of all restaurants that get a bad rap for their hardly nutritious menu options, McDonald’s stands alone (deservedly so). Although no one who frequents his local McDonald’s restaurant can honestly say it's the pinnacle of health, many would-be healthy dieters are often fooled by so-called “healthy” restaurants. So how do fast food establishments like Veggie Grill and Panera stack up to the Golden Arches?

Let’s start off with grilled chicken. After all, we should know by now that grilled chicken is the staple of any healthy diet. A McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich contains a surprising 350 calories, 820 milligrams (mg) of sodium, and 9 grams (g) of fat, while a Veggie Grill’s Grillin’ Chickin’ Sandwich contains 510 calories, 890mg, and 25g of fat. Point McDonald’s.

Of course, when it comes to a large order of McDonald’s fries at 510 calories, 290mg of sodium, and 24g of fat, Veggie Grill’s Yukon Gold Fries are the slightly healthier (but saltier) option at 310 calories, 610mg of sodium, and 14g of fat.

Before you consider writing off McDonald’s Big Mac as the most unhealthy menu option at any fast-food restaurant, let’s see how its 530 calories, 960mg of sodium, and 27g of fat compare to “healthier” choices. Panera’s Asiago Steak Sandwich contains a whopping 810 calories, 1,340mg of sodium, and 38g of fat. Veggie Grill’s B-Wing Salad also tips the scale at 580 calories, 1,770mg, and 33g of fat.

Food for thought when considering your next cheat meal.