Does anyone remember their parents sitting them down for the birds and the bees talk? Looking back, do you think you could’ve done a better job explaining the intricacies of sexual reproduction to a young person who’s just trying to get back to playing video games? As the millennials in this video quickly find out, trying to teach a child where babies come from is difficult no matter how old you or how much experience you think you may have.

All parents have their own way of getting their point across when it comes to “the talk.” Some use visual aids, such as a human anatomy book or a condom. Others skew the truth to avoid an awkward situation, and some just avoid the talk altogether. While avoiding the sex talk with your kids is not recommended, telling them that a watermelon seed will eventually turn into a baby is also not the best course of action.

After initially bumbling around for the right explanation to give their hypothetical children, millennials in the video start to hit their stride when they're asked, “What important things are often left out?” For example, explaining why people have sex, whether it be to make a baby, show your love for someone, or simply due to passion. Most importantly, they stress how normal sex is and how it’s apart of human nature.