Your skin: Not only is it the largest organ in your body, but it’s what makes you, you. Whether you’re pampering it, obsessing over its imperfections, or showing it off at the beach, your skin is something you always strive to be comfortable in. But how much do you actually know about this body part that covers every inch of you? Chances are you may not know enough.

For instance, were you aware that your skin makes up about 15 percent of your body weight? Skin also varies in thickness, as well as stretchiness and strength on different parts of your body to help those parts serve their different purposes. As you lose over 30,000 dead cells per day, your skin is constantly regenerating, creating 50 percent of the dust you find in your home.

Your skin can be gross at times, too, causing acne due to the overproduction of cells that line sweat glands. But sometimes those unpleasant characteristics aren’t caused by your skin at all; for example, sweat is odorless, but the smell often associated with it comes from bacteria.

And how do we care for our skin? Research shows a variety of vitamins aid in the overall health and youth of our skin. For example, vitamin C prevents sun damage, while vitamin E can protect against aging. Like any other organ in our body, skin needs a healthy diet to keep it functioning properly.

50 Incredible Facts About Skin
by Neomam.