How much is too much for the human body?

Well, as the above video created by ASAPScience shows, it depends on what exactly you’re measuring in the first place.

Widely known poisons like mercury (presumingly the more dangerous version, methylmercury ) will only require you to be exposed to 200 milligrams before death comes knocking, whereas it would take the equivalent of 70 cups of coffee for the caffeine in them to bring you down permanently via cardiac arrest — provided you’re around 150 pounds.

Alcohol? About 13 straight shots, though people have certainly died with far less, depending how well their bodies can process the excess depressant. Aside from the involuntary stupor that too much alcohol can send you into, there’s also the hazard of choking on your own vomit.

It’s not just alcohol that can intoxicate you either. Too much water — six liters worth — can literally flood your brain cells, causing seizure and possibly death. The reverse is true as well, with 48 teaspoons of salty seasoning able to dehydrate your cells to the brink of death, ironically enough causing seizure and/or coma.

By far the most delicious means of death via overabundance highlighted by the video? It only takes about 85 full-sized chocolate bars eaten at the same time for the average person to succumb to theobromine overdose, the same chemical that can lead to an unfortunate doggy death at much lower doses.

Though, according to the Toxiocology Data Network, Toxnet , even a daily consumption of 50 to 100 grams of cocoa (0.8-1.5 g theobromine) can leave some people with tremors, severe headache and sweating attacks. The average amount of theobromine found in a Hersey’s Milk Chocolate bar is at a negligible 64 milligrams, mind you.

In lieu of not spoiling any more fun facts, I’ll leave you readers to find out the rest.