For weeks, most people across the United States are following the rules of social distancing, staying at home, and only step out for essentials like food and medicine. After concerns about the mental health of those in self-isolation an informative survey of 1,000 American citizens conducted by Phentermine, a trusted online resource, providing guidance for millions looking to navigate their weight loss journeys, finds that nearly 79% of participants feel their eating habits are the same or overall healthier since the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the report, half of those questioned didn't see a change in their overall diets, in fact, 29% say their eating habits have improved. Nearly 50% of respondents report cooking more meals in their kitchens, with 25% upping their fruit and vegetable intakes.

The poll also revealed that besides healthier eating habits, more than 75% of participants have adopted at least one new wellness-related habit during this time, meaning that Americans are focusing on their mental happiness and self-care, such as following a routine sleep schedule, implementing exercises such as yoga or stretching, or adding cardio workouts in their exercise regimen.

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Nearly 50% of Americans are cooking more healthy meals in their kitchens during COVID-19. Courtesy

Although this is great findings, the company doesn't confirm that "Quarantine 15" is a complete myth. Phentermine finds that "approximately 40% of Americans have reduced their concentration on weight loss since the pandemic began, with the most reduced interest from those with an obese BMI." Also, 20% of respondents are snacking or "grazing" more since the start of the pandemic. In combination with added stress over the future and job security, this can be especially problematic for those with a higher BMI, who are now seeing largely relaxed weight loss goals.

More than 75% of Americans have adopted at least one new wellness-related habit during COVID-19. Courtesy

"For everyone, especially those who are already overweight or obese, it is so important to take the appropriate steps toward a healthy weight to help strengthen immunity against COVID-19 and make sure a vaccine can be effective as possible," said Sally Cohen, Senior Editor of Phentermine. "Our future remains uncertain but through proper diet and exercise, we can make sure we are the best version of ourselves going forward."

As the pandemic continues, the relationship between wellness and weight loss will continue to evolve for Americans as they adjust their lifestyle habits to the new "normal."