An undetermined joint disorder will eventually leave three-year-old Beatrice Naso incapable of moving any of her body parts.

The resident of Turin, Italy had all the signs of being a perfectly healthy child from her birth up until she was seven months old. That's when Alessando and Stefania Naso noticed their child's joints were stiffer than other babies. While massaging her wrist to improve her flexibility, Beatrice's mother received the worst shock of her life when her daughter's wrist snapped.

After a careful examination the physicians at Regina Margherita Hospital found that Beatrice's body was calcifying her soft tissue. If the condition worsens the medical staff fears one day the child's entire body will become rigid like a statue.

Stefania says she and her husband are "desperate to find someone that can help or even another family who have a child with the same condition," the Daily Mail reported.

In an effort to make Beatrice's condition a little easier on her and her parents, the Naso's have petitioned the mayor of Turin to help find a house that will better suit her needs.

"The illness will just keep getting worse. Sooner or later she will be completely unable to move and she won't even be able to breathe anymore," Beatrice's mother Stefania said. "We are now trying to find a new house where it will be easier to move Beatrice around. We could sell our current house but we will have to repay the mortgage and that will leave us with no money to invest in somewhere new."

Due to just how unfamiliar the medical community is with this mysterious joint disorder, Beatrice's doctors are requesting the opinions of medical personnel around the world.