Most people have said that in having a partner during exercise can spur you on to push your limits, thanks to healthy competition. But what does one do, when you cannot find like-minded people who are conscious of their health to workout with.

In this situation, a dog can be one of the best workout partners that you can ask for, and here is a list of reasons why one should exercise with their dogs more often:

Reason #1: Enthusiasm

If there’s anything that a dog loves, it is to run around a field at full speed, and even better if there’s a rabbit to chase. Joining them will not only increase the fun but will make the both of you happier as it enjoys the company while you get your exercise.

Reason #2: There’s no question of tardiness or excuses

Since your dog lives with you, there is no question of tardiness (or excuses) for a workout session (apart from the fact that they would straining at the leash) unlike human partners who often show a consistent lack of disinterest.

Reason #3: Dogs love exercise

Not only do both humans and dogs benefit greatly from exercise which makes you happier, stronger and in general, healthier but one can draw on their source of enthusiasm to get some outdoors time.

Reason #4: No feelings of self-consciousness

No matter how you look, your dog won’t care. Well, they aren’t called a man’s (woman’s) best friend for no reason, are they? In fact, they will be more than happy to accompany you for exercise regardless of your current state of fitness. And sometimes cooperation can go a long way as opposed to competition!

Reason #5: Resting between exercise

Dogs understand the value of resting (unlike some human partners who might urge you to over train) both before and after exercise. And so if you maintain an exercise schedule along with theirs, you might just pick up on this excellent practice as well.