Humans are naturally curious. We’re curious about the unknown and the abnormal. With the Internet and social media, it’s easier for people to feed into their curiosities. And it’s also easier for people to share their quirks and differences.

One Reddit user, who calls himself TicoTube, shared one of his quirks, and it’s the fact that he has a double uvula. It looks like a tiny upside down heart that’s in the back of his throat. The actual name for this abnormality is called bifid uvula, or Loeys–Dietz syndrome. Individuals with the condition have a split uvula — that dangling tissue in the throat between the two tonsils.

According to health expert Dr. Jennifer Shu, “this occurs in about two percent of the population and is something that I commonly see in my patients who are healthy and just happen to have a bifid uvula,” CNN reported.

There are no real concerns for having the condition. The only one, on rare occasions, is “when a "submucous" (under the tissue lining) cleft palate occurs, meaning that the midline fusion occurred but did so incompletely,” Dr. Shu explained. “In that situation, if an adenoidectomy (removal of the adenoid) is performed, the palate might not work well in closing off the nose from the mouth during speaking and swallowing.”

Despite the uvula playing a vital role in how the human voice sounds, this abnormality doesn’t really affect it. Most people with bifid uvula have normal lives.

Reddit user shares a photo of his bifid uvula, and it looks like an upside-down heart. Reddit