Research suggests that one in every three women is under grave threat of developing breast cancer during her lifetime. Apart from keeping a close watch on the early symptoms of the disease, medical experts now suggest that clocking regular exercise may actually help prevent it altogether.

If a woman can sweat it out between 30 to 180 minutes each week, the chances of being affected by any serious form of cancer goes down. Health experts say that regular exercise goes a long way in keeping the ovaries healthy, a prerequisite for reducing the risk of breast cancer.

In addition to having a regular exercise regime, the experts also suggest bidding adieu to all forms of nicotine, which means getting rid of smoking completely. They also suggest reducing liquor consumption to the bare minimum permissible levels.

Women should adhere to a healthy diet with substantially reduced fat content and high on white meat and fish, especially once they are in their thirties. In addition, they should have at least five helpings of fruits, vegetables and fruit juices each day.

A report published in Health News says being overweight also adds to the risk of breast cancer as it reduced a woman’s general immunity levels. The American Cancer Society also suggests that women should have children before reaching 30 years of age to further reduce breast cancer risks.

Studies have suggested that postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy that combines both estrogen and progesterone also enhances breast cancer risk and patients who are consuming these steroids must discuss the relevant risks with their physicians and seek alternative drugs to control menopausal symptoms.

The society’s chief medical officer Dr. Otis Brawley believes that screening for breast cancer is a simple yet effective way to save lives of women aged 40 and above. He suggests going for mammograms every year in addition to a clinical examination of the breasts.