Researchers from the UK have finished tallying the results of a survey analyzing sudden weight gains in couples who were comfortable with their relationship. Findings show that 62 percent of respondents admitted to gaining around 14 lbs. after finding their significant others, Daily Mail reported.

Individuals participating in this survey, which was carried out by the weight loss advocacy website Diet Chef, didn’t think they were alone when it came to putting on the pounds. Seventy-two percent noticed that the weight of their partners had increased since starting their relationship.

“This survey has revealed some very interesting results, and it’s surprising to see how complacent people can be when they are in a relationship,” Izzy Cameron, nutrition and weight management specialist with Diet Chef, told the Daily Mail.

Other answers to survey questions adequately explain just what’s causing this weight gain among content partners. Thirty percent of couples pointed to staying in and watching television as their main activity together. Another 20 percent marked eating out at restaurants as the couple’s bonding activity.

“It’s widely known that people tend to put on a little bit of weight once they have found love, but what we didn't expect to find was that the weight gain is on average a stone, if not more,” Cameron added.

“At Diet Chef we appreciate the role food plays in a relationship, and whilst enjoyment of food is great, it’s important to stay healthy and monitor what you eat on a daily basis, especially portion size.”

In an even further display of just how comfortable people can become during a relationship, 40 percent of participants admitted to burping in front of their spouse while 26 percent even said they were fine passing gas in their partner’s company.

The results of this survey are on point with a similar study that was featured in the American Psychology Association’s online journal Health Psychology. Research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health examined 169 newlyweds who had just been married for the first time.

According to lead researcher Andre L. Meltzer, newlywed couples who were satisfied with their relationship were less likely to leave their marriage and more likely to gain weight. On the other hand, partners who were not satisfied with their marriage were more likely to lose weight in the hopes of attracting a new partner.