Data compiled by Consumer Reports suggests that at least 12 dietary supplements or ingredients that go into their making are not as good as they are made out to be and some could even be linked to diseases like cancer, coma, kidney and liver damage.

The researchers from the organization report that they worked with experts from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (an independent research group) to identify the ingredients from a base of more than 1,000.

This list was curtailed to the final twelve after evaluating adverse events, their availability and the quantum of use by the products that are currently available in the US markets. The Consumer Reports data lists the 12 ingredients, their uses and the evidence that researchers gathered about their links to diseases. The list of 12 ingredients is provided here:

1. Aconite is used for joint pain, wounds, gout, and inflammation but has now been with nausea, vomiting, heart rhythm disorders, respiratory system paralysis, and death

2. Bitter orange, often prescribed for weight loss, allergies, and nasal congestion, has now been found to result in fainting, heart rhythm disorder, heart attack and stroke

3. Chaparral, used for weight loss, colds, infections, inflammation, cancer, and detoxification, has been found to cause kidney and liver problems

4. Colloidal silver is often used for fungal and other infections, psoriasis, food poisoning, and fatigue, but the research links it to mucous membrane discoloration, neurological problems, and kidney damage

5. Coltsfoot has been prescribed for cough, sore throat, laryngitis, bronchitis, and asthma, but now researchers say that it could result in cancer and liver damage

6. Comfrey is another medicine used for cough, heavy menstrual periods, chest pain, and cancer, the report now links it to liver damage and cancer

7. Country mallow has been used for allergies, asthma, weight loss, bronchitis, and nasal congestion in the past but is now learnt to cause heart attack and arrhythmia

8. Germanium was prescribed for pain, infections, glaucoma, liver problems, arthritis, osteoporosis and heart disease, but the research links it to kidney damage

9. Greater celandine is regularly used for upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disorders, detoxification, and cancer, but has now been linked to liver damage

10. Kava is used for anxiety but the report now links it to liver damage

11. Similarly, lobelia which was used for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, smoking cessation has now been linked to fast heartbeat, low blood pressure and coma.

12. Yohimbe was used as an aphrodisiac, for chest pain or diabetic complications, depression, and erectile dysfunction but the latest research links it to high blood pressure and rapid heart rate.