The Rock And Jimmy Fallon Are The Fungo Brothers; How Not To Get Fit Like Hercules

Fungo Brothers
The Rock and Jimmy Fallon work up a sweat in their "Fungo Brothers" fitness skit on the Tonight Show. Screenshot, YouTube

Now that it's summer, gyms are packed with people trying to get their ideal beach bodies. If you are interested in a new way to workout, The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, might be able to help you out. That's because he sports a super-ripped physique in his new film Hercules. What's his secret? The "Fungo Brothers" fitness tapes, he said. 

Sporting dirty-blonde wigs, brightly colored tanks, and short shorts, the Fungo brothers are Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon. In a hilarious skit, the tag team teaches you how to burn those calories to get fit just like The Rock in Hercules. Beginning with thigh-crunchers, Johnson performs the exercise effortlessly. Fallon, on the other hand, barely completes the exercise. "You got to hustle for the muscle," they shout together. 

The two-part skit continues in black and white with a spin-off of Chubby Checker's "The Twist" dance, called "The Squat Thrust." The next part, involving shake weights, portrays exactly what we all though of the gimmicky exercise tool. Fallon warns, "This is not a workout." He then goes on to advertise the so-called "Jack Weight" as if it were equipment first produced decades ago. Johnson calls it a "revolution."

These videos might not help much with your weight loss, but they will definitely give you a good laugh. Johnson did share some information on the fitness routine he practiced while preparing for his Hercules role with The Today Show. He said that he would work out twice a day, starting as early as 3:30 a.m. Talk about commitment. He also ate seven to eight meals a day to bulk up. If you want to see what all the hype is about, Hercules is now in theaters. 


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