In the midst of his farewell tour "Last At Bat," American musician Meat Loaf was forced to cancel his show in the United Kingdom due to illness.

The Grammy award winning rock star announced his final tour after health issues started to arise with the 65-year-old singer, Reuters reported.

"I outweigh [Mick] Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something," joked Meat Loaf, referencing the Rolling Stones' spry 69-year-old lead singer. "He hasn't seen the wear and tear."

The rocker took to his Facebook page to give a written apology to the crowd in Nottingham stating "several members of the band" were feeling sick and felt unable to perform.

This is not the singer's first health related issue that has hampered his performance. In 2011 he collapsed on stage during a show in Pittsburgh, and then three days later collapsed again backstage in New Jersey. He suffers from asthma, which was believed to be the cause of both incidents.

Marvin Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf, gained international notoriety back in 1977 when his second album "Bat Out of Hell" climbed the music charts to number one. Today many rock critics consider the album one the greatest of all time, and it is one the top selling albums of all time with over 43 million copies sold.

Meat Loaf's full statement on his Facebook page says:

We are very sorry to announce that tonight's performance has had to be postponed due to medical reasons afflicting several members of the band.


Please retain your original tickets. If for any reason you cannot attend, please contact the point of sale from tomorrow morning Monday 15 April.

Meat and everyone in the band and crew send love and apologies and thanks you for understanding.