In 2003, a court enjoined David Wu, prohibiting him from continuing to practice dentistry. But at least three patients have come forward saying that the unlicensed dentist did work on their teeth within the last two weeks. Now, authorities have issued a warrant for Wu’s arrest and the country’s College of Dental Surgeons is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

According to the Canadian Press, authorities investigating a complaint from one of Wu’s clients found dirty dental supplies and old sterilization equipment in a makeshift dental exam room in the 62-year-old’s bedroom. None of Wu’s supplies met the standards for Health Canada, the department responsible for monitoring medical professionals.

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"From what we've seen now, there's sufficient evidence to say there's inadequate infection control," said medical health officer Michelle Murti to Canadian CTV News. "We can only presume that this type of infection control is what (Wu's) been doing since he's been practicing, which is why we've been extending the warning to anyone who's ever been a client.”

More than 1,000 patients were treated by Wu in his bedroom dental office. Authorities have advised all of Wu’s former patients to get tested for diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

When police seized Wu’s abandoned car on Wednesday, there were numerous dental supplies inside. Jerome Marburg, registrar at the College of Dental Surgeons, said the college is offering an award because it believes Wu has plans to continue treating patients.

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“If he was to abandon that venture, one would expect he wouldn’t be taking dental supplies with him where he’s going, or shipping dental supplies wherever he’s going,” said Marburg, speaking with Canadian News1130. “Any person harboring Mr. Wu can contact us in confidence. We will apprehend him without need to reveal where or with whom he is staying.”

Police are still looking for Wu and hope that newly issued warnings will lead to his capture.