The world’s most pierced man may have tipped the scale in the Gulf’s most liberal city when he landed in Dubai with all of his 453 piercings and his horn implants. Fifty-five-year-old Rolf Buchholz, Guinness World Records holder for the most piercings — 278 of which are located around his genitals — had his passport stamped and approved at the airport, but was stopped before he was able to exit customs. The heavily pierced and tattooed German native claims he was barred from entering the Islamic city because officials were concerned he practiced “black magic.”

Buchholz, who was scheduled to appear at the Cirque le Soir nightclub in the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai, still seeks answers from officials for the denial of his entry. "I got never an official answer," Buchholz told The Associated Press. "They are friendly but nobody answers your questions." Allegedly, airport workers told him officials were concerned he could be a practitioner of black magic, although the authorities were not so blatant.

While Buchholz claims black magic is the reason why he wasn’t allowed in Dubai, Cirque le Soir nightclub said it was for different reasons. In an emailed statement to the AP, Jad Lahoud, the executive director of Pragma Lifestyle, the company that runs the Dubai branch of the club, said that airport authorities cited “security reasons” in denying him entry. "Cirque le Soir Dubai always strives to bring unique entertainment and concepts to the UAE, however we will always act in line with the laws that govern this nation.”

The Dubai club includes everything from "stilt walkers, midgets, contortionists, tattooed dancers, jugglers, drummers ... magicians and fire eaters," according to its website. In Dubai, alcohol consumption is seen in bars and clubs, and tourists and residents can dress like they do in the West. However, actions that threaten local values, including public displays of affection, public intoxication, and disrespect for religion, can lead to fines and jail time.

In a previous interview with the Daily Mail, Buchhholz, an information technology professional in Germany, told the news outlet: “I think it’s not changing my life,” referring to his tattoos and piercings. Now, he realizes his two horns could have also been a problem for him in Dubai. Buchholz is now reconsidering returning to Dubai if he had government assurance he would be let in.

Buchholz is currently resting in Germany after the debacle in Dubai.