The nature of plastic surgery procedures can be pretty delicate — surgeons must know what they're doing at every stage of the operation, before, during, and after. If things don't go as planned, it could spell disaster, major or minor. For Dr. Humberto Palladino of MagicSurgeon™ & Top Aesthetics™ — a leading surgeon in the industry — the best way to have a surgery performed is to adhere to safety precautions and receive top-notch aftercare.

Finding the right plastic surgeon is the single most crucial decision that a patient can make to ensure a safe and optimal outcome. The Mayo Clinic-trained, world-renowned plastic surgeon has earned a remarkable reputation throughout the plastic surgery community for providing quality patient care.

But beyond the actual surgery and treatment, the most critical aspect of the process is the after-care. For Dr. Palladino, this is non-negotiable. As he says, surgery is more than just about the results; it is a holistic journey that begins during the surgery consultation and extends to monitoring and caring for each patient afterward.

It is expected that a facility should have trained staff to regularly check on patients, take their vital signs, and make sure they are doing well physiologically. If left in the hands of under-trained individuals or well-meaning but inexperienced loved ones, a successful surgery can quickly turn sour due to severe complications. In Florida, this isn’t uncommon.

For patients’ aftercare, Dr. Humberto and his trained staff have created an electronic system that tracks a patient’s progress during and after surgery. They're also leveraging new technologies to provide a better customer experience.

The established surgeon reveals that technology plays an integral part in his business, along with having a system that works.

"We were able to build this," he says. "We have been developing this system where all of this automation makes the workflow much more efficient.”

Considering the negative perception of the surgery industry in Florida, Dr. Humberto Palladino is making a concerted effort to stand out as he rewrites the narrative and makes the area famous for safe surgery.

"It's about reputation," he points out. "So if you come to Florida, we're making a significant push, demonstrating we are the safest place. We're going to take care of you for about a week, which is usually the critical period after your procedure. We know how to do surgery.”

Aside from the poor perception that the industry in Florida has, the cosmetic surgery industry in the U.S., in general, is also being criticized by people who have been having surgery for years without necessarily getting the type of care and service they bargained for. Dr. Humberto Palladino says the problem is primarily one of misconception, where patients are not clear about what they need to achieve their desired aesthetic goal.

“If you come and have surgery with us, we are going to be safer than most,” he says. “We're way more efficient, and we provide all these ancillary services of recovery care that are extremely necessary and completely underestimated. All these while delivering the outstanding results we are known for."

The versatile surgeon has expertise in facials, body, and breast-related surgeries, as well as surgeries specific to men. These include:

• Brow Lift

• Face Lift

• Fat Injection

• Lip & Ear Surgery

• Liposuction

• Butt Augmentation

• Tummy Tuck

• Lower Body Lift

• Breast Augmentation

• Breast Lift

• Breast Reduction

• Male Breast Reduction

• Male Hair Restoration

• Men’s Pec Augmentation

• Rhinoplasty

• Body Sculpting Surgery, amongst other procedures

These procedures are carried out under strict safety protocols while staying abreast of new advancements in plastic surgery technologies and techniques. This has become the hallmark of Dr. Humberto Palladino’s career in a highly competitive industry.

For the Florida-based plastic surgeon, having this edge is significant, considering that the immediate environment of Miami, where his practice is located, has been considered one of the most unsafe places in the United States to have surgery.

Still, Dr. Palladino is not daunted by the fact that his business is located in South Florida, and has remained outstanding since founding his practice a few years ago.

To further expand his brand and consolidate the successes he's achieved in the industry to date, Dr. Palladino and his team have recently opened Las Olas Med Spa as his newest business for non-invasive cosmetic procedures like laser and Botox.

Dr. Humberto Palladino is also involved in volunteer initiatives where he offers his professional services to people around the world as a way of giving back. He has participated in several medical missions to correct birth malformations such as cleft lip and palate, cared for patients in underserved populations by providing invaluable surgical results, and performed corrective surgeries in children and adults in locations including Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Cusco, Peru, and Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as in Puebla, Mexico, and Argentina.